Self-Love Note December Edition

Dear Readers,

How have you been doing? How has the holiday season been treating you?

With a little extra time on my hands (we all know why – thanks 2020) I found myself creating an advent calendar to send to my nieces. So over 50 origami boxes later, and a fun delivery system (a toy car carrier of all things) I sent it off to them in hopes they would enjoy opening a charm every day from December 1st to the 25th.

I believe this year I have been able to focus my love of gift giving on a select few (with a hyper awareness) while others probably have slipped a bit more through the cracks. (I am talking about you my loves with a wishlist. There is nothing wrong with having a list but sometimes it loses the thrill of finding the perfect gift for someone. No worries I will catch you on your birthdays!)

So I wanted to write a little love note to myself about this time of year (I just started singing some of the lyrics from one of the Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas songs – fingers crossed it won’t get stuck in my head!).

Dear Me,

There is something about this time of year
that lights you up like the Christmas trees you adore.
From the way you terribly wrap gifts to your obsession
with those cheesy holiday t.v. movies.
You mirror the looks of excitement on the faces of those
opening presents.
You believe in the magic of this time of year.
The opportunity to express how deeply you love.
Not even a terrible year can dampen your need to
spread as much love and cheer as you can.
No matter what happens in your future, I
know you will always feel transformed
by the Christmas season. 


What would your own holiday version of a love note to your self say dear readers? Does the season invigorate you or suffocate you? 

It’s not always cider and snow ball fights is it? 

No matter what the holidays bring, remember to treat yourself like the gift you are even if you and those around you might not be able to see it. You are wonderful. You are cherished. You are important. 

I am here if anyone needs someone to talk to whether it is to complain about burning your sugar cookies or being mocked mercifully for not wanting to put a carrot on your snowman or to gush about how amazing you are at decorating your Christmas trees. 


Honestly Austen

Postscript: There have been some holiday movies that have really made me laugh this year. One of them in particular was The Christmas House! 

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