February Self-Love Sunday

Dear Readers, 

It felt a bit like kismet to have Valentines Day land on a Sunday this year.

So, I decided if I did not write myself a self-love Sunday note on February 14th, what would be the point of writing one at all? 

Before I start though, I wanted to ask how has the second month of 2021 been treating you? 

A polar vortex has been covering a great swath of Canada this previous week and I believe icicles are starting to form within me. Why must be it be so cold? It’s February for goodness sakes! 

Hopefully this coming week will find me unthawing (for some reason my computer thinks I am spelling this wrong – insert questioning emoji) a bit and I will no longer be living at my full curmudgeon potential. 

So hear goes: 

Dearest Valentine,
Yes. I am writing to you.
(Or us, if clarification is required.)
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
Well… kind of.
I shall compare thee to a far off storm on a summer’s day on the prairies.
Where the day starts off warm, humidity quickly building.
The hair at the nape of your neck clinging to skin slightly dewy.
Storm clouds hover on the horizon.
And an outstretched hand cannot determine if the wind
will bring them to meet you or send them on their way.
What may come?
Like the storm,
you are strength.
You are force.
If you break,
you will reform.
And bring with you an opportunity
for growth
even if it may also bring destruction.


Your Valentine


Photo by Johannes Plenio

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