Self-Love Sunday March

Dearest Readers,

How have you been?

March is a busy month for me, as four out of the six of my family members all have birthdays this month. It is exhausting and yet fun. (One of the reasons why I am not a fan of cake – as every March for many, many, many years we always had so much cake in March!)

I find myself this spring, in need of renewal. Which I believe we all are. Sometimes the feeling of treading water fills me with such exhaustion. Hopefully with the snow melting (yes, where I live in Canada there is still snow), I will feel a bit more… something.

Having finished most of the birthdays, only one is left (today actually) and I have had the package sent and received with even more accuracy than usual, I think I may actually allow myself a moment to breathe.

So here goes:

Dear Me,

I love the joy you get in the tiniest of
celebrations, from birthday headbands
to inflatable cake candles. Even your off key
singing of Happy Birthday.
You love to honour the years lived,
smoke detector be damned. But perhaps
next year have a fire extinguishers close at hand.
I know you will never change.


I hope dearest readers, you can find a way to show yourself a little love. And if you find it a bit difficult, imagine me by your side lighting you a candle for a most deserving wish.

Until next time,


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Any of you lovelies celebrate a birthday in March? I hope your cake is buttery and your wishes grand!


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