December 2021 Self-Love Sunday

Dearest Readers,

Did I miss two consecutive months of Self-Love Sundays?


Did I start posts each month and abandon them?

Also yes.

In all honesty, I have been finding it very difficult to come up with anything kind to say to myself the last few months. My inner critical voice has been difficult to drown out or combat with kindness. I try and fail.

It is a sad truth that sometimes we cannot find the words to wish ourselves happiness. To look for aspects of ourselves to praise and love. And unfortunately, these are the times when we need it most.

How have you all been? What did October and November bring to you?

I hope the months were filled with all the things you love. From the change in the seasons to warm beverages (or iced ones depending on where you currently reside).

Winter is officially here and with the holidays approaching I am striving to pinpoint the parts of myself that I would write to. The me, I am always proud of this time of year.

So here goes:

Dear Me, 
What you dislike heartily
about this time of year
(the cold),
will be overshadowed by the
joy it always holds.
The moments you bring a
smile to a loved one with the
unwrapping of a ribbon.
The laughs you share watching
yet another holiday movie.
The magic that cannot
be found in any other season.
The hope.
Allow the love you show
others to land on you
because you are deserving
of all the magic this season
has to offer. 

Phew! I am not going to read over my self-love note. I will leave it exactly as it is.

Wishing you all the very best,

Honestly Austen

Postscript: The holidays are not always easy. I am here if anyone would like to reach out. We can pen a love note to yourself, foster the need to gift ourselves something spectacular or discuss the things about the holidays we love to hate.


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