Battle for Who Wore it Best Wednesday

Hello again dear readers! It has been a bit of a spell since we last spoke and as you might have noticed I kind of spammed you with book reviews for my last post... WHICH MEANS I AM FINISHED BOOK REVIEWS! I am about to start my own novel and am now anxious, BUT excited … Continue reading Battle for Who Wore it Best Wednesday


Let’s talk about….

... those books that everyone always recommends you read! I love literature, but I would never claim to be a hardcore fan of any particular author, even Austen. (I know, crazy right!?) I never claim to be so ardently in love with any author, because alas I do not know everything about them and I … Continue reading Let’s talk about….

Splintered Courage – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Gemma Tate's life changed forever the day she confronted an unlikely stranger. After relocating across the country, three new housemates prove to be essential friends she never knew she needed. She explores her attraction to Weston, a fourth housemate who lives across the hall. As their connection strengthens and grows they stumble down … Continue reading Splintered Courage – Review