Self-Love Note December Edition

Dear Readers, How have you been doing? How has the holiday season been treating you? With a little extra time on my hands (we all know why - thanks 2020) I found myself creating an advent calendar to send to my nieces. So over 50 origami boxes later, and a fun delivery system (a toy … Continue reading Self-Love Note December Edition

November Self-Love Sunday

Dearest Readers,  How have you been? Are you like me and counting down the rest of 2020 feeling as though when we hit the new year that somehow the horrors of this past year will transform us back into the pumpkins we once were?  It must be the fairy tale lover in me to entertain … Continue reading November Self-Love Sunday

Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday

So what do you do when you are feeling more at the bottom of your emotional well than usual dear readers? I have my usual tricks: my favourite movies, my favourite books (even if it is just reading my favourite passages - I'm looking at you Captain Wentworth's letter from Persuasion), and talking things out … Continue reading Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday