September Self-Love Sunday

What happened to August dearest Readers? Better yet, what happened to September?  I feel as though this year has both crept by silently stalking us and managed to speed past as well. It reminds me of those horror movies where the victim is running and the villain is slowly stalking them. No matter how fast … Continue reading September Self-Love Sunday

May Self-Love Sunday

Hello dearest Readers! (I put that exclamation in there - more in my excitement to talk to you all - than for the fact that I am generally excited.) How have you been doing? Has this whole quarantine business wherever you may be made you forget what month it actually is? I do not know … Continue reading May Self-Love Sunday

Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday

So what do you do when you are feeling more at the bottom of your emotional well than usual dear readers? I have my usual tricks: my favourite movies, my favourite books (even if it is just reading my favourite passages - I'm looking at you Captain Wentworth's letter from Persuasion), and talking things out … Continue reading Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday