Summer Red Carpet Ready

Before we start I would like to wish my Mom a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so grateful to you my dearest mother for championing me throughout my life. May you have the best day ever! Now on to blog business: I finally found a great Who Wore it Best Wednesday for you dear readers! … Continue reading Summer Red Carpet Ready


Red Carpet YA Dystopia

I was recently at a literary festival in the city in which I live and I was lucky enough to attend a masterclass which talked about self publishing. One of the exercises involved trying to write down in less than 20 words what one of your favourite novels was about. What does this have to … Continue reading Red Carpet YA Dystopia

Who Wore it Best: Kilt Edition

Dear Readers, We are gathering here this Wednesday to discuss the editions belonging to the first in Diana Gabaldon's series: Outlander. I devoured this book after purchasing it and immediately started watching the television show based on it. I was pleasantly surprised with the characterization and general events portrayed on the show. I remember hearing … Continue reading Who Wore it Best: Kilt Edition