Descendant – Review

Welcome to one of the stops for the Blog Tour for Descendant by Bob Freeman! Tomorrow Comes Media's Descendant Synopsis: Descendant is a supernatural thriller filled with daring action, adventure, and artifice set against the backdrop of a very familiar world – but it is a world in which preternatural entities, clandestine magical orders, ancient … Continue reading Descendant – Review

The Holidays are Coming!

Hello, again dear readers! My apologies for the absence. I have been dealing with some things which have kept me mentally blocked from writing any posts. I will probably leave the explanation for a Self-Love Sunday post for November. (And yes, I know I missed October. It was a bit of a difficult month for … Continue reading The Holidays are Coming!

A Blank Page

If you could be a blank page or could start your story afresh, what would you write about yourself? How would you begin? With a: Once Upon a Time... or One dark and stormy night... or perhaps even an In a galaxy far, far away... What would you choose? What would your opening line be? … Continue reading A Blank Page