Blind Date with a Book – A Book “Shop” Meet Cute

I froze where I had been dancing - alone in my apartment. Was that what I thought it was? As if in reply it came again, a soft: Knock, knock I went into a crouched position, as if somehow whomever was outside my door might be able to see me. When in fact they probably … Continue reading Blind Date with a Book – A Book “Shop” Meet Cute

The Spine – A Book Shop Meet Cute

His warm breath at her neck sent a shiver skittering down her spine. To be this close to him. To feel his thumbs graze... "Ma'am?"  The words made me flinch. Not necessarily due to their connotation but more likely due to the fact that they just interrupted a really good part.  I did what most … Continue reading The Spine – A Book Shop Meet Cute

Gleeman’s Tales – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Gnochi Gleeman is not like other entertainers. Because of his expansive knowledge of pre-apocalyptic Earth, the stories he tells are valued well beyond the flashes of an illuminator, or the spheres of a juggler. Gnochi spent the first decade of his career telling stories while traveling between taverns, inns, and any hole-in-the-wall which … Continue reading Gleeman’s Tales – Review