When your favourite kind of blog posts…

... don't get the love you thought they would. What do you do dear bloggers and readers? I have loved creating blog posts surrounding Who Wore it Best Wednesdays where books battle it out on the literary red carpet to see who will come out the winner. Alas, this summer, they are the posts which … Continue reading When your favourite kind of blog posts…

The Bell Jar – Who Wore it Best

Welcome back to another Wednesday of Who Wore it Best where our book covers walk the literary red carpet to be enjoyed (hopefully) by everyone. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Path has been one book I have been wanting to read for quite some time. I had hoped to have it finished by the last … Continue reading The Bell Jar – Who Wore it Best

The Peddler of Wisdom – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: In the borderlands of the village Les Échelles, giants sleep and werewolves howl. Travelers must cross deep gorges to pay visit. The only strangers are treasure-hunters seeking the riches of Zahara, a drowned Crusader bride. She planted the nearby woods with rich botanicals, now the healing herbs of Irène Guéri, apothecary in these … Continue reading The Peddler of Wisdom – Review

Splintered Courage – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Gemma Tate's life changed forever the day she confronted an unlikely stranger. After relocating across the country, three new housemates prove to be essential friends she never knew she needed. She explores her attraction to Weston, a fourth housemate who lives across the hall. As their connection strengthens and grows they stumble down … Continue reading Splintered Courage – Review

The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: The natural world was dead. Archaic gods and legends withered away, forgotten by mankind in their lust for industrial advancement. The Time Fathers of Panagea kept their divisions’ times in check, but they couldn’t keep the land from crumbling beneath their feet.  Nicholai Addihein rules the Southeastern division’s world of coal, steam, and … Continue reading The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review