Let’s talk about….

... those books that everyone always recommends you read! I love literature, but I would never claim to be a hardcore fan of any particular author, even Austen. (I know, crazy right!?) I never claim to be so ardently in love with any author, because alas I do not know everything about them and I … Continue reading Let’s talk about….


Laerka – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Laerka is a Southern Gothic tale of rescue. It features a group of teenagers and a Russian crime ring that sells girls to night clubs in Savannah, Georgia. One particular victim, Laerka, is a Danish girl who transforms into a mermaid when in water. Her pursuer, the crime boss, changes into a "Vodyanoy" … Continue reading Laerka – Review

The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: The natural world was dead. Archaic gods and legends withered away, forgotten by mankind in their lust for industrial advancement. The Time Fathers of Panagea kept their divisions’ times in check, but they couldn’t keep the land from crumbling beneath their feet.  Nicholai Addihein rules the Southeastern division’s world of coal, steam, and … Continue reading The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review