A Back Porch Surprise

This week Writing Prompt Wednesday was inspired by the story Gift written by Red Pen Gal using this very prompt. She is such an amazing writer! Go read her work ASAP! I peered at it from the window as my breath frosted against the chilled pane. I tried to blink it's presence away, first slowly … Continue reading A Back Porch Surprise


Find your YA Book Title!

Dear Readers! We meet again! I apologize for being MIA yet again. I have found myself within a deep book reading slump which has some how attached itself to my writing. Alas I have been up to nothing, zip, zilch. I came across this cute picture on how to find your YA Book Title from … Continue reading Find your YA Book Title!

The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: The natural world was dead. Archaic gods and legends withered away, forgotten by mankind in their lust for industrial advancement. The Time Fathers of Panagea kept their divisions’ times in check, but they couldn’t keep the land from crumbling beneath their feet.  Nicholai Addihein rules the Southeastern division’s world of coal, steam, and … Continue reading The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review