Vestige – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Dr. Maxwell Stein, a seasoned child psychologist practicing in New York, is about to head off on vacation, when the past comes back to haunt him. A visit by a former patient, now a mysterious adult, takes him by surprise to deliver a priceless gift. Her simple message, sets the wheels of his … Continue reading Vestige – Review

May Self-Love Sunday

Hello dearest Readers! (I put that exclamation in there - more in my excitement to talk to you all - than for the fact that I am generally excited.) How have you been doing? Has this whole quarantine business wherever you may be made you forget what month it actually is? I do not know … Continue reading May Self-Love Sunday

The Ghost of Christmas Present – Pt 3

Hello, Literary Lovelies! Thank you for your being a part of my holiday-themed tiny tales this year! Click below if you missed: The Ghost of Christmas Present - Part 1 The Ghost of Christmas Present - Part 2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ “New patient coming in.” He hesitated for a moment looking over his shoulder  as if the … Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Present – Pt 3