A note to die for

I look at them again, the unmistakable curly cues I've always attached to my letters, making them undoubtedly mine. The words clumping together to form a bigger picture of a moment I have no recollection of. I read again, searching, scanning, for a memory. My eyes lower to the date in the bottom left corner, … Continue reading A note to die for


When things go according to plan…

... and yet don't somehow at the same time. It has been a while since I have posted dear readers and I apologize for that. I have found myself in a limbo of sorts the last couple of weeks and I am not sure what I am actually up to. The last time I updated … Continue reading When things go according to plan…

Splintered Courage – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Gemma Tate's life changed forever the day she confronted an unlikely stranger. After relocating across the country, three new housemates prove to be essential friends she never knew she needed. She explores her attraction to Weston, a fourth housemate who lives across the hall. As their connection strengthens and grows they stumble down … Continue reading Splintered Courage – Review