First 2020 Self-Love Sunday

Hello Dearest Readers, How are you all doing now that January is finally over? Initially, I felt like it flew by due to the fact that I am moving come March and will no longer be seeing my nieces every day. But for some reason the last week just crawled by. It felt like I … Continue reading First 2020 Self-Love Sunday

A Blank Page

If you could be a blank page or could start your story afresh, what would you write about yourself? How would you begin? With a: Once Upon a Time... or One dark and stormy night... or perhaps even an In a galaxy far, far away... What would you choose? What would your opening line be? … Continue reading A Blank Page

Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday

So what do you do when you are feeling more at the bottom of your emotional well than usual dear readers? I have my usual tricks: my favourite movies, my favourite books (even if it is just reading my favourite passages - I'm looking at you Captain Wentworth's letter from Persuasion), and talking things out … Continue reading Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday