Who Wore it Best Wednesday – Series Edition

I realized I have yet to do a Who Wore it Best Wednesday where the literary red carpet is walked by the books in a series and not just one single book. How has this happened? There are so many books I could do this with from Harry Potter to anything and everything by Jane … Continue reading Who Wore it Best Wednesday – Series Edition


Wisps of curls now lying dormant on her shoulders – Writing Prompt Wednesday

As her picture flashed on the screen he was brought back to the moment on the street. He had noticed her coming towards him from half a block away. It was her hair which caught his attention first as the loose curls spiralled outward against the wind in a form of rebellion. She had a … Continue reading Wisps of curls now lying dormant on her shoulders – Writing Prompt Wednesday

Self-Love Sundays

Dear Readers, we meet again! How long has it been since we last communicated? TOO LONG! That's how long. I am coming to you this Sunday with a once-a-month Sunday plan to share a little self-love with ourselves. Not the usual conceptual self-love pampering but one with an Honestly Austen twist, let's write something about … Continue reading Self-Love Sundays

For the Love of Prose

Goodreads Synopsis: A house built high on the moor,  A golden age, ended by war,  A house left empty, falling to ruin.  During the Edwardian period, the wealthy Kearleys entertained important guests at their summer home on the moors; enjoying lavish parties showcasing the house and its views of the mountains.  By the 1950s the … Continue reading For the Love of Prose

The Peddler of Wisdom – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: In the borderlands of the village Les Échelles, giants sleep and werewolves howl. Travelers must cross deep gorges to pay visit. The only strangers are treasure-hunters seeking the riches of Zahara, a drowned Crusader bride. She planted the nearby woods with rich botanicals, now the healing herbs of Irène Guéri, apothecary in these … Continue reading The Peddler of Wisdom – Review