A note to die for

I look at them again, the unmistakable curly cues I've always attached to my letters, making them undoubtedly mine. The words clumping together to form a bigger picture of a moment I have no recollection of. I read again, searching, scanning, for a memory. My eyes lower to the date in the bottom left corner, … Continue reading A note to die for


Laerka – Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Laerka is a Southern Gothic tale of rescue. It features a group of teenagers and a Russian crime ring that sells girls to night clubs in Savannah, Georgia. One particular victim, Laerka, is a Danish girl who transforms into a mermaid when in water. Her pursuer, the crime boss, changes into a "Vodyanoy" … Continue reading Laerka – Review

For the Love of Prose

Goodreads Synopsis: A house built high on the moor,  A golden age, ended by war,  A house left empty, falling to ruin.  During the Edwardian period, the wealthy Kearleys entertained important guests at their summer home on the moors; enjoying lavish parties showcasing the house and its views of the mountains.  By the 1950s the … Continue reading For the Love of Prose