What’s in a Nickname?

Growing up I was never really a fan of people calling me anything other than my full name: Whitney except my dad who called me T.J. after my middle names Theresa and June. I was supposed to just be Theresa June sans Whitney, but at the last possible moment (my birth) my mom decided to … Continue reading What’s in a Nickname?


Meant to Read

To you dearest readers, I write on a day with clouds in the sky, gusts of strong wind, and icy rain which provide a heaviness to my state of mind. It is on days such as these I find myself curling up with my current read. Today I was thinking we should discuss the notion … Continue reading Meant to Read

My Eyes Were Dim

Dear Readers, I would like to welcome you to the first edition of Writing Prompt Wednesdays, where I take a writing prompt from Pinterest or wherever I might come across one, and force myself to get some writing in. I mentioned in my previous post about Housekeeping that I really wanted to try out some … Continue reading My Eyes Were Dim