The Ghost of Christmas Present – Pt 1

“Ghosted?” I imagined the word tumbling from my mouth falling not so discreetly to lay upon one of the hearts dotting my scrubs. It was almost ridiculous talking about a broken heart while wearing scrubs which screamed love for any and all to see.   “How have you not heard of being ghosted before?” Tawny stopped … Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Present – Pt 1

Silver Bells – Part 3

You can find Silver Bells - Part 1 here! And Silver Bells - Part 2 here! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I was brought back to the present with a snap as Merry reached over and placed her hand in the same spot my father had. This time there was no compression just searing heat.  “Thank you for seeing … Continue reading Silver Bells – Part 3

Silver Bells – Part 2

If you missed Silver Bells Part 1 - you can find it here! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Silence descends on us once and I watch Merry’s eyes wander the rooms we slowly pass. I can’t help but follow her gaze. The Nurse is definitely right about the hodgepodge of characters here. We pass what I can only describe as … Continue reading Silver Bells – Part 2

Descendant – Review

Welcome to one of the stops for the Blog Tour for Descendant by Bob Freeman! Tomorrow Comes Media's Descendant Synopsis: Descendant is a supernatural thriller filled with daring action, adventure, and artifice set against the backdrop of a very familiar world – but it is a world in which preternatural entities, clandestine magical orders, ancient … Continue reading Descendant – Review

A Blank Page

If you could be a blank page or could start your story afresh, what would you write about yourself? How would you begin? With a: Once Upon a Time... or One dark and stormy night... or perhaps even an In a galaxy far, far away... What would you choose? What would your opening line be? … Continue reading A Blank Page

Self-Love Sundays

Dear Readers, we meet again! How long has it been since we last communicated? TOO LONG! That's how long. I am coming to you this Sunday with a once-a-month Sunday plan to share a little self-love with ourselves. Not the usual conceptual self-love pampering but one with an Honestly Austen twist, let's write something about … Continue reading Self-Love Sundays

For the Love of Prose

Goodreads Synopsis: A house built high on the moor,  A golden age, ended by war,  A house left empty, falling to ruin.  During the Edwardian period, the wealthy Kearleys entertained important guests at their summer home on the moors; enjoying lavish parties showcasing the house and its views of the mountains.  By the 1950s the … Continue reading For the Love of Prose