Self-Love Sundays

Dear Readers, we meet again!

How long has it been since we last communicated? TOO LONG! That’s how long.

I am coming to you this Sunday with a once-a-month Sunday plan to share a little self-love with ourselves. Not the usual conceptual self-love pampering but one with an Honestly Austen twist, let’s write something about ourselves that we love as though it was from an outside perspective. Be it small or silly, big or very real.

An ‘I love this about you from you to yourself’!

This week mine is a bit of a silly love note to myself oddly enough about the way I cook spaghetti. Here goes:

I love the way you try to cool off the tester noodle with short puffs of air only to peel it from the fork with ‘hot, hot hot!’ under your breath. You bite the strand half way and quizzically (if you had the ability to raise one eyebrow this would be the time it would happen) look in the middle for the tell-tale white circle determining peak spaghetti readiness. If it is done you turn off the burner and grab the handle not with an oven mitt but with your sweater sleeve bunched up in your hand. 

Once strained and sloshed under cool tap water, with a hum on your lips, you slap the noodles into a bowl. You reach for the butter and take a dab with your fingers, not a fork, and swirl it among the strands. Your fingers maneuver the butter around to coat every noodle with a fondness you don’t usually have for food. Once every noodle is slick you take pinches of garlic salt and grind them beneath your fingertips with one hand over the bowl as the other continues to delicately twirl the noodles. One noodle is plucked from the bowl and with a quick slurp, you determine if the ratio of butter to garlic salt is at its peak and when it is your body almost relaxes into the taste. 

Now is the time you grab a fork to polish off this simple meal you can’t help but devour within minutes. You may even lick the bowl when all the noodles are gone. 


Writing this felt a little personal literary lovelies. Is it the intimacy of an act that no one but me experiences? Is it the notion of writing down something about myself that you love?

As always I would love to know your thoughts and even a tidbit about yourself that you love! Till next time!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Is there a meal you love to make?





2 thoughts on “Self-Love Sundays

  1. This might be a bad sign, but my first thought was, “Why would I write about myself?” …I think that’s a sign that I should accept the challenge and write…something!

    I love that you grab the handle with your sweater pulled over your hand 😀 Out of curiosity…why write in second person? Did first person feel TOO close?


    • I agree with you on the first thought being “Why would I write about myself?” I debated that very thought over and over again before I decided to finally write and post it.

      I think the idea of self love is so foreign to me that I wanted to write something to myself, almost like a love letter if you will. And you are so right about my inability to write it in first person with the notion of it feeling/being too close. It just didn’t feel right. I wanted it to be more of a loving onlooker because that was the only way I could see writing it.

      As always I love your insights and thank you for your wonderful comment. I hope you are able to write about yourself as I would love to read it!

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