Red Carpet YA Dystopia

I was recently at a literary festival in the city in which I live and I was lucky enough to attend a masterclass which talked about self publishing. One of the exercises involved trying to write down in less than 20 words what one of your favourite novels was about.

What does this have to do with a Who Wore it Best Literary Red Carpet Wednesday? (Wow that was a mouth full!) Well the couple behind me, once finished the exercise, told each other their favourites and one of them was a long-lost favourite of mine! Unwind by Neil Shusterman!

I felt so nosy, but I had to lean back and whisper, “That is such a good one!” Whether I was looked at as a conversation listener-inner person.

As it has been running circles in my brain since the festival I thought it would be perfect for a literary red carpet match up!

Our first edition comes from Simon & Schuster Childrens books and was published in 2009. If you know anything about the background of this book, where every part of the human body (most particularly children’s bodies) can be used for transplants, this cover really speaks to the plot.

Our second cover (brought to us again by Simon and Schuster but under the umbrella of Books for Young Readers 2007) is the original cover which I personal read. There is something eery about the cover art with its mix of a fingerprint and the ghost like human image. I feel like this cover really lends to the vibe of the book.






Simon & Schuster Childrens 2009

This cover really connects with me. The idea of what is happening to the children in these books, equates to such a dangerous game, how turning 18 is the only way to survive/win makes this cover a definite winner for me. I still love the other cover very much for its haunting vibe, but this is hands down the edition I want to own.

As always I would love to know which cover spoke to you dear readers and whether or not you have read this disturbingly dark dystopian novels. (That alliteration felt really good!)

I hope you have a great rest of your week and look forward to your thoughts!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Is there a cover battle you would like to see on here literary lovelies? If so email me the novel and a photo of at least one of the covers and we will have them stand side-by-side on our literary red carpet!


10 thoughts on “Red Carpet YA Dystopia

  1. I haven’t read that, but it sounds intriguing. Covers are really important to me, so I like the trend towards making books look beautiful and especially love my clothbound LOTR boxset! I love it when a series has a theme running through their covers. In Steven King’s fantasy Dark Tower series, they had the tower getting bigger on each cover and also the spine. All the books lined up also spell ‘Dark Tower.’ Wizard & Glass was probably my favourite in the series and has a lovely purple cover. There has been a lot of redesigns of this series but I prefer the set I own. It’s the 2012 paperback set.

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    • I completely agree with covers being important to me as well and the trend towards making books look beautiful. Your LOTR boxset sounds absolutely stunning. I love how they created connections between the covers which also tied in with the journeys within the novels. Your set sounds like it is the absolute best of the series for sure!


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