Summer Red Carpet Ready

Before we start I would like to wish my Mom a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so grateful to you my dearest mother for championing me throughout my life. May you have the best day ever!

Now on to blog business:

I finally found a great Who Wore it Best Wednesday for you dear readers! It has to do with a book I think is perfect for the summer: LOVE & GELATO!

Now if you have been to Italy (or live there), you can understand how gelato is one of the best treats in the entire world! My mouth waters just with the memories!

I devoured this read as though it were gelato itself and am currently reading Jenna Evan Welch’s second novel: Love & Luck (Which takes place in Ireland ALSO one of my favourite countries!)

Here are our red carpet contenders:

First up is the edition by Simon Pulse and just so happens to be the copy I own! I love the simplicity of the cover with the strong graphics and great font. I also love the colours used which make me thing of summer.

Second up is by Walker Books and has a cityscape on the cover, which just so happens to be the city in which the book takes place. I love the illustration of Florence with the iconic Duomo. I also really like that the gelato cones are positioned in a heart.

Our third book from #numeral caught my eye because it is actually in Italian! The title sounds even more lovely in Italian don’t you think? Although I am not a huge fan of the gelato being depicted as soft serve, I do love the watercolour aspect of the images.







Walker Books 2017

The Walker Books edition! You kind of had me at the cones creating a heart! This was definitely a tough choice for me and I kept going back and forth between all of them. BUT I would only let myself choose one this round and it had to be this one! This is one of my ideal styles of illustration and I love how much it incorporates essential aspects of the story.

I would love to know which cover spoke to you literary lovelies? What are your thoughts on summer reads? Do you have any favourites?

May you have a great rest of your Wednesday!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: I find my summer reads usually consist of novels that are thrillers and romances. Such an odd genre grouping I think, but it’s what I love!

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